Incident While Recording “Dog on a Bone”

So I wrote a new song, called Dog on a Bone, and it’s used as the metaphor, not a song about a dog…although I had to add some ‘woofs’ in the chorus just to be fun. Anyway, me and Anthony were in his studio recording and decided to add acoustic guitar. It was snowing heavy outside at the time so rather than run out to his store to get the mics for it we decided to run it direct. He plugged it in and lo and behold there was a loud hum/buzzy sound coming through the speakers. First thought is always the cable, so we switched it out. Nope. Then we thought maybe it was the actual guitar, so he removed the output jack out of the side and asked me to go downstairs to get his soldering tools. Woo hoo!!! I have always wanted to see someone solder something and here was my chance! So after he reinforced the connection, we tried the guitar out again and nope…that wasn’t it.

So then as he played around with the cable he realized that if he kept the quarter inch cable plugged into the output jack of the guitar but let it hang out so he could touch the place where it actually connected, the hum/buzz went away completely. Since he couldn’t hold the cable with his right hand and strum at the same time, I tried holding it but it didn’t work. It had to be him. He then said “it’s definitely a grounding issue and I guess I’m completing the circle”.

Ok, I know very little about electrical things, but as soon as he said that about completing the circle I had a bright idea…if I held the cable with my right hand and put my left hand on the back of his neck, then I could complete the ‘circle’…

And what do you know? It WORKED, and I felt like a genius!!

The cool part was that rather than keep going with trying to figure out how to fix it before playing the part, Anthony played ALL of the acoustic tracks with me holding the cable coming out of his guitar and my hand on the back of his neck…talk about focus!!

Weird how the solution, temporary as it was, turned out to be more fun and completely ‘worth’ the problem to begin with. I think I’m starting to get that whole “the fun is in the journey” phrase I keep hearing…fun along the way…to wherever we are going that we never seem to ever arrive to…I guess that’s because we really are eternal beings…

I be happy…😁

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