New Song, New Thoughts

So it’s me again, Kim from KimAnthy…I just received a new song…and really, that is the way it feels, like I received it from somewhere.  And yet  it feels like it is from me too, this physical perspective building my own bridge to walk across so that  by the time I get to the other side I feel better. It’s funny, writing songs. There is this side of you , after the writing is done, that says…” people are going to be offended by this…or they may not ‘get’ this…should I go with this?…and blah blah blah”…thus kind of ruining the whole creative process. But here is the GREAT thing about being older and wiser and NOT under the control of a record label telling you what they want you to do…I DON’T CARE…

And to my friends and family and fans…please do not take this wrong, as I DO care…I just HAVE to be loyal to me first. To my creative self. As should YOU!!

This is the first song ever that I have used “cuss” words in a song…the word “fuck” and the word “bullshit”…there…I said it…and it really only means two things(maybe more, but two that I care to mention now) 1. We will have to say ‘explicit’ when we sell it on iTunes and 2. Some of our fans may be shocked and turned off by this usage.

This is actually GOOD for me! To actually put myself in a real position to be ‘judged’ and possibly ‘not liked’..just by the mere mention of two words…and yet, my deep desire, and it has always been there since I was a little girl, is to build bridges…for  people, anybody…to walk across and by the time they get to the other side they feel better. Happy even. What an awesome thing…to be a catalyst to someone else’s happiness, But ALAS! I have realized in my later years, that this is NOT truly my responsibility! Each person is responsible for their own state of being. Ahhhh what a relief…and yet, as an artist…as a human being and as, just who I am, I still like to be that catalyst. I guess I am saying that for now, I like writing songs for me all the while ‘hoping’ that someone else ‘gets them’. I would like to just say that I write strictly for me, but if that were true, I would never let anyone hear them at all!

Anyway, maybe this weekend, we will actually record this song… I never know…we(KimAnthy) only ever do what we are in the mood to do. I love that I am blogging about this before Anthony has even heard the song. Haha

And in the end…it is not really a big deal in the scheme of things. None of us are getting out of this life thing ‘alive’…our physical perspectives that we don in this little lifetime are certainly limited, and yet…don’t you sometimes feel really BIG? I love it. The great equalizer…death…it is everywhere…all around us, always there to remind us that this time in this perspective is limited…so what? What do we do? Do we run around and worry? Do we scream at the television as though what is being projected is real? Do we simply react to what other people have created? Or…can we conjur something new? I teach children daily with my children’s music…and one thing I like to say is, ” Remember to feel happy today!”…and today a teacher came up to me and said, “a little girl, later after you said that, asked me if I was happy and I had to say…YES, of course I am happy!”…which, to me, means that she conjured the emotion right there on the spot! Maybe she wasn’t feeling it, but then when a child looked at her and asked her, she reminded herself of her power to feel however she wanted.

This is my point in this blog…we are not here to simply react to what other people create…that is like regurgitating…

We are here to create. And to each, his own…or her own…We are free beings. We are eternal. And since we will be judged no matter what by those who don’t understand us, it seems best to me to just be. Line up with who I am and be that. Whoever gets me, awesome. Whoever doesn’t, awesome. For diversity is so very important. This world needs diversity in order to expand…we are not created to be the same…how boring that would be!

Love to all…and know that more music from KimAnthy is on  the way. It just has to be, for we are creators of music. This I KNOW!!

Foreverlong ~ Kim from KimAnthy






  1. Klara Kazmi · March 10, 2016

    You are so brave! I’m so happy to see you getting out of the comfort zone. I’m sure your light will inspire many people ❤️.


    • kimanthy · March 10, 2016

      Thank you Klara!! This means a ton coming from you!


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