Incident While Recording “Dog on a Bone”

So I wrote a new song, called Dog on a Bone, and it’s used as the metaphor, not a song about a dog…although I had to add some ‘woofs’ in the chorus just to be fun. Anyway, me and Anthony were in his studio recording and decided to add acoustic guitar. It was snowing heavy outside at the time so rather than run out to his store to get the mics for it we decided to run it direct. He plugged it in and lo and behold there was a loud hum/buzzy sound coming through the speakers. First thought is always the cable, so we switched it out. Nope. Then we thought maybe it was the actual guitar, so he removed the output jack out of the side and asked me to go downstairs to get his soldering tools. Woo hoo!!! I have always wanted to see someone solder something and here was my chance! So after he reinforced the connection, we tried the guitar out again and nope…that wasn’t it.

So then as he played around with the cable he realized that if he kept the quarter inch cable plugged into the output jack of the guitar but let it hang out so he could touch the place where it actually connected, the hum/buzz went away completely. Since he couldn’t hold the cable with his right hand and strum at the same time, I tried holding it but it didn’t work. It had to be him. He then said “it’s definitely a grounding issue and I guess I’m completing the circle”.

Ok, I know very little about electrical things, but as soon as he said that about completing the circle I had a bright idea…if I held the cable with my right hand and put my left hand on the back of his neck, then I could complete the ‘circle’…

And what do you know? It WORKED, and I felt like a genius!!

The cool part was that rather than keep going with trying to figure out how to fix it before playing the part, Anthony played ALL of the acoustic tracks with me holding the cable coming out of his guitar and my hand on the back of his neck…talk about focus!!

Weird how the solution, temporary as it was, turned out to be more fun and completely ‘worth’ the problem to begin with. I think I’m starting to get that whole “the fun is in the journey” phrase I keep hearing…fun along the way…to wherever we are going that we never seem to ever arrive to…I guess that’s because we really are eternal beings…

I be happy…ūüėĀ

New Song, New Thoughts

So it’s me again, Kim from KimAnthy…I just received a new song…and really, that is the way it feels, like I received it from somewhere. ¬†And yet¬†¬†it¬†feels like it is from me too, this physical perspective building my own bridge to walk across so that¬†¬†by the time I get¬†to the other side I feel better. It’s funny, writing songs. There is this side of you¬†, after the writing is done, that says…” people are going to be offended by this…or they may not ‘get’ this…should I go with this?…and blah blah blah”…thus kind of ruining the whole creative process. But here is the GREAT thing about being older and wiser and NOT under the control of a record label telling you what they want you to do…I DON’T CARE…

And to my friends and family and fans…please do not take this wrong, as I DO care…I just HAVE to be loyal to me first. To my creative self. As should YOU!!

This is the first song ever that I have used “cuss” words in a song…the word “fuck” and the word “bullshit”…there…I said it…and it really only means two things(maybe more, but two that I care to mention now) 1. We will have to say ‘explicit’ when we sell it on iTunes and 2. Some of our fans may be shocked and turned off by this usage.

This is actually GOOD for me! To actually put myself in a real position to be ‘judged’ and possibly ‘not liked’..just by the mere mention of two words…and yet, my deep desire, and it has always been there since I was a little girl, is to build bridges…for ¬†people, anybody…to walk across and by the time they get to the other side they feel better. Happy even. What an awesome thing…to be a catalyst to someone else’s happiness, But ALAS! I have realized in my later years, that this is NOT truly my responsibility! Each person is responsible for their own state of being. Ahhhh what a relief…and yet, as an artist…as a human being and as, just who I am, I still like to be that catalyst. I guess I am saying that for now, I like writing songs for me all the while ‘hoping’ that someone else ‘gets them’. I would like to just say that I¬†write strictly for me, but if that were true, I would never let anyone hear them at all!

Anyway, maybe¬†this weekend, we will actually record this song… I never know…we(KimAnthy) only ever do what we are in the mood to do. I love that I am blogging about this before Anthony has even heard the song. Haha

And in the end…it is not really a big deal in the scheme of things. None of us are getting out of this life thing ‘alive’…our physical perspectives that we don in this little lifetime are certainly limited, and yet…don’t you sometimes feel really BIG? I love it. The great equalizer…death…it is everywhere…all around us, always there to remind us that this time in this perspective is limited…so what? What¬†do we do? Do we run around and worry? Do we scream at the television as though what is being projected is real? Do we simply react to what other people have created? Or…can we conjur something new? I teach children daily with my children’s music…and one thing I like to say is, ” Remember to feel happy today!”…and today a teacher came up to me and said, “a little girl, later after you said that, asked me if I was happy and I had to say…YES, of course I am happy!”…which, to me, means that she conjured the emotion right there on the spot! Maybe she wasn’t feeling it, but then when a child looked at her and asked her, she reminded herself of her power to feel however she wanted.

This is my point in this blog…we are not here to simply react to what other people create…that is like regurgitating…

We are here to create. And to each, his own…or her own…We are free beings. We are eternal. And since we will be judged no matter what by those who don’t understand us, it seems best to me to just be. Line up with who I am and be that. Whoever gets me, awesome. Whoever doesn’t, awesome. For diversity is so very important. This world needs diversity in order to expand…we are not created to be the same…how boring that would be!

Love to all…and know that more music from KimAnthy is on¬†¬†the way. It just has to be,¬†for we are creators of music. This I KNOW!!

Foreverlong ~ Kim from KimAnthy





Kiss Your Face Video Release

Kiss Your Face Video

We are really happy and thrilled to share this treasure with you! We asked our friends on Facebook and family members to take videos or pictures of themselves ‘kissing face’ and after we received the submissions we made this montage to go with our first single release. It is the perfect blend of sap and soul to enhance our groove. Hope you enjoy!!

How Kim and Anthony became ‘KimAnthy’

So this blog is by me, Kim, because I thought it would be fun to get personal…and also in writing this, remind myself of how life is always working out. My life has a way, and I’m sure when you look at yours you will agree that it is true for you too…of just working out. Sometimes I have to be squeezed up against a wall and just before I ‘pop’ the answer comes. Sometimes I ignore the answer for months and months because I think, “it can’t be that simple”. Sometimes I think I play hide and seek from myself on purpose just to make it interesting.

Anyway, I had been trying meditation for several months before I met Anthony because I was ready for a new ‘me’. I wanted to find a new wholeness that came from within. Most of my life I have let others dictate what was the right path for me. I grew up very religious and I was on a path of shedding belief systems that were handed down to me, but not truly mine. They never felt like they ‘fit’ no matter how hard I tried to push it. ¬†After letting go of so much, I was a little lost for a minute as I needed to focus new and different to find or better said, build my own beliefs. Beliefs that would actually serve me rather than tear me apart from who I really wanted to be. It was in the 6th month of this new journey that I met Anthony. And even though it was initially because of an ‘accident’, it was NO accident!

I spilled seltzer on my brand new Mac book Pro laptop and found out that Anthony ¬†knew a thing or two about computers.(The girl who does my hair, Alex, also had been doing Anthony’s hair for the last 15 years and she got us in touch with each other). So we met at the hair salon on a day he was in town to get his ‘do’ done. We set up a station in the back and he had a contraption to see if my hard drive was still ok even though the computer was fried. I remember kneeling down next to him as he focused on the issue at hand. I felt immediate energy on a visceral level. Something new and yet it felt like I knew him forever. We decided to go out and have dinner after that and this night was the beginning of a deep friendship. We were both in the same place. We both were deep in our own growth and yet the possibility of finding someone who supported that individual path while walking beside each other and even sometimes being willing to walk another way knowing we were still ‘there’ was deep and thrilling and intense. It was the first relationship where we didn’t have this ‘need’ to agree on everything. I actually got to think my own way and yet our differences actually inspired new ideas.

Within the first month, I started waking up in the middle of the night with melodies and lyrics and I would record them in my phone. The creative beauty of that falling in love place…mixed with a brand new feeling of strength and knowing and spiritual healing. Every one of the songs that you will hear are from this place. A place of love. A place of empowerment. A place of knowing.

I had an intense crush on Johnny Cash when I was little. I wanted to marry him. His wife’s last name was Carter and so was mine! I thought it made total sense. Except that I was only 5 years old! I also have always had a thing about knights. Knights are, to me, romantic and allowing and poetic and free and loyal and their true power is within. Johnny Cash was a type of renegade in his day. He did what he felt from his heart and put his middle finger out to those who judged him rather than bend to please. Anthony is, to me, this combination. ¬†I am enamoured by anyone who is able to stand their ground and be who they are without apology. And when that same person allows me to be who I am without apology, knowing that when I find wholeness I am better in the relationship…well…that’s what KimAnthy is.

Two whole people who decided to hybrid their name because it sounds cool and we need a name for this project! Two whole people who became a ‘We’ because it’s fun to be a we. I hope that as our music unfolds that anyone who wants to listen will be uplifted and feel a little better. I wrote these songs, really, for myself. They resonate with me. And it just makes sense to share them, why not?

Not all of them are sappy love songs. But all of them are very much me. This is a personal project for me, unlike the Kimmy Schwimmy project which was for children. Anthony takes my melodies and ideas and we sit on the couch with an acoustic guitar and he finds the chords and rhythms that go best with what I am bringing. We shape the music around acoustic, but after we run up to the studio and Anthony lays down the first acoustic tracks and bass and drums…I then leave the room so he can be alone to find his magic with his electric guitar(s). He has a spiritual relationship with his guitars, and I totally respect it. When I went downstairs the night he was recording the guitar parts for Kiss Your Face, I was laying on the couch with a fire going and said out loud, ” I’m in heaven right now”.

We are all creators. Some create music. Some create fried chicken. But when we are in that process of creating something from seemingly nothing, and watching it unfold, or in our case hearing it, there is nothing quite like it. Whether you enjoy our music or not is not so much the point. Yes, of course, I want you to! But nothing can take away the moments of pure joy I had in the creative process of this music.

Oh wow. I’m at 994 words!! Haha. I’ve never “blogged” before. I have no idea what I am doing. I just wanted to write something personal because I am ready. I am me and we are we.

Kim from KimAnthy, over and out…with love…



KimAnthy is Hitting Social Media

Hello KimAnthians!!!!! We are excited to let you all know we are getting our website ready to be released with our 1st single “Kiss Your Face” and our Facebook, Twtter & Google Plus pages are all up. Please share with us and share our posts. Thanks for all your support and excitement and we are looking forward to some exciting things this year.


Welcome to the KimAnthy Blog

Kim & I are very excited about our 1st upcoming release. We finished editing the video for “Kiss Your Face” over the weekend and we are thrilled with it. Thank you to everyone that submitted pictures and videos. We are also getting our official website ready for launch. Everything will be released around Valentines day. Our single will also be available to purchase on iTunes as well. #kimanthy #newmusic #newvideo #sap&soul

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